Here's just a few examples of the many times Andrew has negotiated substantial price drops for his Buyer Clients!

(Full documentation is available showing the entire history of all these cases.)

113 Bayou Vista, 77563

This fantastical house on the water was listed at $330K and purchased by Andrew's clients for $270K in November 2018!  While we could assume it must have been overpiced and that would explain the price drop; in fact it was underpriced, as demonstrated when the lender's appraisal came back at $338K. 

HOW is it possible for Andrew to accomplish results like this?

The short story is - Andrew is that very rare agent who will take the TIME to become totally FAMILIAR with a property before his clients ever submit any offers on it - and it is that high level of familiarity and understanding of the property and all variables/circumstances related to it, that allows for fully effective negotiations!

21472 West Hammond, 77365

While this was a small transaction, just $20K for a vacant lot - this case TELLS THE STORY as to how hard Andrew works for his clients!  

The property was listed at $69K and we negotiated a cash purchase at $32K. 

AND then, AFTER the final closing documents were signed by the Sellers at the title company office, but before the Buyer had signed (which was scheduled for two days later) - Andrew discovered some "not insignificant" issues with the property that the Sellers had failed to disclose, and armed with that data he took the initiative to re-open the case and negotiate a further reduction in the price of the property, for his Buyer Client.   So in total, we went from the list price of $69K and negotiated that down to a signed contract at $32K; and then we re-opened the negotiations and got that down to a final price of $20K!  

1405 Laird, 77008

This was a foreclosure property, listed at $297,900 and purchased for $252,000 - that's a $46K reduction off the list price.  And, the bank had already made two price cuts, which always makes it a lot more more difficult to get a large price concession like this.  To get the bank to agree to it, Andrew provided a new 'Broker Price Opinion' with additional market data to justify the logic of them taking a 'pretty low but still fair' price and get it off their books.   Also of huge importance - Andrew was able to get a direct response from the bank's REO manager without this case going to 'highest and best' status - where it's always more difficult for a buyer to achieve a low price.   

20102 Pinehurst Trail, 77346

This was a 6500 square foot house originally priced at $950K, and the seller definitely had a very lofty notion as to what price it should bring!  The seller made several price drops and when we started negotiating the list price was $550K; which the seller said was positively the lowest they would go!

We ended up getting that $550K down to $442K, which is a 20% drop - AND by any measure, a twenty percent price drop will often be perceived by a seller as a LOW BALL offer!   (The danger of that is - LOW BALL offers are generally NOT responded to!)   Thus the challenge was to start low enough to achieve the 20% discount AND also be taken seriously by the seller.  HOW to do that?  The easy way is, work with a highly experienced Realtor like Andrew Taft - who has extensive business experience including 20 years of contract negotiations, and who knows how to PRESENT offers and work with sellers! 

21275 Lodge, 77357

This house with 14 acres of land in the Kingwood area was priced at $300K and had major issues with sellers who were at odds with each other.   Andrew's buyer closed on this property at a net price of $207K - that's a 31% discount off the list price!  

To accomplish that, Andrew had to present the sellers with a well detailed and credible economic analysis, including the expected future costs of the infrastructure that would be needed - so the sellers could appreciate what effort and additional investment it would take for anyone to buy this land and be able to develop it.     

25 Hyman, 77358

This was an estate sale, listed at $255K and purchased for $188K - that's a 26% price drop; and, the house had only been on the market for 30 days.  Needless to say, in any estate sale the executor and the heirs all want as much $$$ as they can get, and it's not typical to expect a large price drop after just one month on the market.  

However, when Andrew did his own research, he could clearly see that this property would not likely ever achieve the price they were trying to get, and he then took time to prepare credible Sales Comparables data to present the sellers to justify the price we offered.  And it worked! 

And please note, there have been occasions when Andrew has negotiated contracts for his buyer clients that were near the list price or even a bit ABOVE the list price!   The logic for that is - our absolute objective is to find your Dream Home and buy it at the BEST POSSIBLE price, and if the seller has underpriced the house plus we have other buyers actively competing for it, you’ll see that Andrew has excellent skills in such cases to decipher WHAT offer it’s gonna take for you to prevail and achieve your Dream Home at the lowest possible price!