When you buy a house, there will often be unexpected issues that need to be handled - and here are examples of the many times Andrew has taken the initiative to SOLVE problems for his Buyer clients BEFORE the closing!

5008 Gibson, 77007

Here's a classic case and not all that unusual - after some weeks of effort you FIND your Dream Home, BUT, there was a prior contract on it, and that buyer cancelled due to mechanical issues.   We received a copy of the prior buyer's inspection report which cited a possible cracked slab;  however, the home is recent construction and there aren't the typical signs of foundation issues, such as doors sticking or windows off alignment.  

You love the house, but don't want to buy a lemon - so WHAT to do?!

In such cases, Andrew has sufficient mechanical and technical competence, to identify an expert to come do an inspection and analysis of that one issue.  In this case, we brought in a highly tenured structural inspector, who spent three hours at the house with the Buyers, to measure the elevation of the floors and closely inspect every part of the floors, doors, windows and attic.

The summary of that report is below, which indicated that there was NO problem!

ADDITIONALLY, knowing that these Buyers would likely sell the house a few years later, Andrew installed a foundation sensor (photo below) which would positively show whether the foundation had settled any further.  And indeed, it didn't, which made it a whole lot easier to SELL this house AND Achieve Maximum Value four years later - without the next buyer having any fears about this same issue.

1710 Johnson Street, 77007


Your best bet is to work with an experienced and SEASONED Realtor like Andrew Taft - who is recognized by other Realtors as a competent professional!  In both of these cases, the house was brand new on the market, but the listing agent was not allowing showings.

In the case of Johnson Street, the listing started on April 4th, 2014 but all appointments were blocked - and yet despite that obstacle, Andrew's buyer had VISITED the property and achieved a signed contract on it by the afternoon of April 5th - before any other buyer had even seen it!

709 Lane Road, 77591

This house was listed on October 30th, 2014 - with a heads up that showings couldn't be scheduled till Monday November 3rd.   And once again, Andrew Taft came through for his Buyers, and we not only saw the house over that weekend - we had a signed contract on it by the afternoon of November 3rd, before anyone else had even seen it!

1101 Alsobrooks, 77328

So just imagine you are buying a charming country home with two acres of land, HOWEVER, your property is 'land locked' without access to the road.  Of course, in Texas you cannot legally be land locked - as (most of the time anyway) your neighbor will be required to provide access; and in this case per the survey below, there was a driveway allowing access.  

HOWEVER, if you were the Buyer, wouldn't you want that access to be literally cast in stone, by way of an actual EASEMENT?!  YES, you would!

And, without anyone having to ask him and without anyone else even recognizing the issue, when Andrew saw that there wasn't a legal access easement for this property, he took time to pursue it and working with the title company - Andrew achieved a permanent legal easement for his client for this property!   (Full documentation of this whole case is available.) 

11558 Ward Road, 77328

And how about - your absolute ultimate Dream Home is a 'Barndominium' that's owned by the U.S. Marshals Service, after they acquired it in a drug raid, no kidding!   The complexities were never ending, starting with the fact that there were already multiple offers in for it, before Andrew's clients had even seen it.

Getting from there to the moment that we achieved an executed contract for this property, required a Buyer Agent like Andrew who has a thorough understanding of how the 'highest and best' process works.  (There were actually three full rounds of 'highest and best' offers before we finally prevailed - and the funny thing is, our final price was LESS than what we had offered in the prior round!)

Unfortunately, getting an executed contract was literally the beginning of our problems; the next urgent issue was - due to the very unusual configuration of this house and the past history of it, the buyer's lender could not get a proper appraisal done on it by any of the appraisers the lender had on their approved list.   With nine years background as a Loan Officer, Andrew was able to convince the lender to allow him to refer a highly experienced appraiser here in Houston, who had sufficient competence to do a proper appraisal of this property - and the case closed successfully!